Why sport is good for children and what to do according to age ?

Children are in constant bone, muscle and metabolic development, which is why sport is good for children.  Indeed, the practice of a sports activity ensures adequate growth of the skeletal and muscular system, stimulates the metabolism and the production of endorphins.  Sport increases the state of well-being and plays a fundamental role in the different stages of development of children.

Some reasons to educate your children in sport

Like many adults, children are also increasingly leading sedentary lives. They move very little during the day, often playing at home, abusing TV and video games. And for most trips, they are accompanied by their parents in the car. In fact, children devote very little time to outdoor activities, especially in the South, we are talking about less than two hours a week and 70% of children sampled between 8 and 9 years old are not used to walking outdoors in school. Then, related to point 1 on why sport is good for children, overweight affects 50% of children today.  Even if your child has a normal weight, sport remains a priority for an optimal proportion of lean mass and fat mass.  Overweight and underdeveloped muscle tissue drags on over the years, increasing the risks of high cholesterol and blood pressure.

What sports to practice according to age

For sports and collective activities, you obviously have to wait 3 years for the swimming pool, for example 4/5 years for bicycle races, dance, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, skiing. Between the ages of 7 and 8, sports that require coordination and stronger muscles are added. Depending on the child’s abilities and preferences, football, basketball, tennis, judo and karate and rowing may be assessed. The pediatrician will always be your ally in choosing among the most suitable sports to prevent or correct postural abnormalities such as scoliosis or flat feet.  Regardless of age, keep in mind that movement isn’t just about sport. Sport is good for children because it is outdoors, running, playing and exploring. It helps to manage shyness, strengthens self-esteem and improves the relationship with oneself and others.