Golf : a sport within everyone's reach

The image often attributed to golf is that of a slow, expensive and uninviting sport.  But these are only preconceived ideas and reading this article will make you rethink everything you know about this discipline.  Contrary to popular belief, it is not reserved for a privileged few, but a sport within everyone’s reach.

Golf as a tool for personal development

The personal growth that golf stimulates is linked to a whole series of values ​​that each player develops by practicing this sport. To understand this, it is necessary to remove all the negative labels that are approached from the game. Although it is not a team sport, golf is played by several who compete for the same purpose. It is certainly an important first growth tool, since socialization is one of the main reasons for playing.  Maintaining concentration and stable nerves, even and especially when the swing is not executed as it should, is an essential quality to practice and undoubtedly an excellent gift even off the field. Great discipline and a lot of self-control are needed to be able to handle these situations.  The rhythms of the game are not particularly frenetic, and to perform each action according to the manual it is essential to have great patience.

What values ​​and attitudes are acquired through golf?

Among the many misconceptions there is certainly that golf is a sport for adults, even better if retired.  But that is not the case and if you look at it from the perspective of values ​​and attitudes, you can easily see that this sport is better if played from childhood. The reason is simple.  Before you are mature, you are much more receptive to stimuli and change, and golf allows you to acquire qualities that help you grow.  Discipline, patience, sociability and reflexivity are undoubtedly the key values ​​of this sport.  By playing as a team, as can happen in volleyball or rugby, you will learn to share your mistakes and find the strength of others to overcome obstacles. Golf, like tennis, is a sport where the performance of the individual is the only thing that matters. If on the one hand the feeling of the team player is lost, on the other hand the personality and perseverance of the individual stand out.