Tennis as a tool for personal growth

Tennis requires an enormous amount of physical and mental energy. Practicing this sport requires constant and lasting dedication over the years.  This often leads athletes from a young age to spend the majority of their time on the field. Discover in this article why tennis is like a tool for personal growth.

What are the values ​​and attitudes acquired through tennis ?

Discipline is the central aspect of this sport and constant training. The repetition of groups of exercises, is a feature that can also be applied in contexts outside those of the field. As well as the essential ability to maintain concentration for many hours.  Tennis is extremely useful for developing the ability to solve problems to seek solutions, and therefore to develop a critical and sharp mind in the face of situations that can often seem overwhelming.  When interfacing with a physically and technically superior opponent or when things go wrong, the athlete must fully rely on their ability to stay calm and not panic, to continue the game and get the best desirable outcome out of it. Indeed, difficulties and obstacles present themselves quickly and urgently, with a beating rhythm that leaves no possibility of giving up. Discipline and the management of difficult situations, when practiced successfully, inevitably lead to an increase in self-esteem, as well as to becoming high-performing and physically strong athletes.

Tennis and health

Tennis is an alternating aerobic – anaerobic sport, it satisfies all the characteristics that a human body needs to develop and maintain good health.  It is educational from a behavioral point of view, with many rules to respect, it induces discipline and respect for the opponent.  Tennis is very suitable for promoting the well-being of the cardiovascular system, it improves coordination, since it is essential to move quickly on the court and hit the ball with the racket at the same time, quickly and promptly.This sport brings benefits on blood pressure and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, with also effects on the calories burned during a training session. Fat is burned and continued use of the racquet increases lean body mass with effects on the individual’s metabolism.Tennis is a sport very suitable for the development of a strong, disciplined and decisive personality in children and an excellent method of keeping in shape for adults.