The importance of sport in life

Each of us interprets and experiences sport in multiple ways, which remains a constant in people’s daily lives.  Often at the center of great criticism and the scene of not entirely healthy events, it represents, in the purest sense, a training ground for life.  He is able to teach the values ​​necessary for a life marked by love for oneself and others, respect, good humor and mental and physical health.

Sport : health and longevity

At any age, practicing physical activity, whether it’s running, playing football with friends or going to the gym, is the guarantee of a healthy life. The World Health Organization, referring to sport, explains how its lack in people’s lives represents the fourth risk factor for mortality in the world.  In a society like ours, where work requires less and less movement, just think of all those who spend most of their day in front of a computer and sitting at their desk, physical activity becomes even more important. If practiced at an adequate level, it can help reduce the risk of hypertension, obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and depression.  It can also help balance the calories consumed throughout the day.

Improve bone health

The physical benefits that body movement brings to people are many. That is why to define it as a whim of those who want to improve their physical appearance and sculpt the silhouette would be too reductive. However, its beneficial action does not only concern the health of the body, but also and above all that of the mind. A real panacea for many disorders of the psychic sphere, practicing physical activity on a regular basis can reduce the state of anxiety and stress. Because it releases endorphins, better known as the good mood hormones.  There is no precise rule that defines the right frequency to practice a sport. However, what matters is to be consistent, alternating moderate workouts of 30 minutes a day for at least five days, with more intense workouts of at least 20 minutes a further two days a week, gradually and at  your pace.